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Metallique Silver Racer Jacket
(women's, suitable for all skin colours)
Auction ID: 345599

ZOOM! This body-hugging racer jacket is ideal for high-speed fun and games.
Finished in aerodynamic Silver METALLIQUE, it neatly combines speed and style. Perfect for women who want to go faster

Grrl Racers, dazzle the drivers at your next race with this body contoured silver jacket. Anti-jamming main and cuff zippers complete the look. Choose Metallique when you need more speed.

sneak preview
of work-in-production
Coming soon to THERE

Metallique Gold Stars Tee
Status: Complete, awaiting submission

Get the Tee that says your have Star Quality.

Metallique Silver Wetsuit
Status: Complete, awaiting submission

Make a splash with this double-zipped Metallique Wetsuit. Whether you are on a Buggy, a Bike or Board, this dazzling top is bound to turn heads.

Customised Metallique Jackets & Tee
Commission exclusive Metallique clothes

Get yinki designworks to design exclusive Metallique jackets and tees. Whether it is for that special occasion or for a distinctive club look, nothing dazzles more than Metallique outfits from yinki designworks.
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